Welcome, kupo. Meow.
I did something

What better way to get the word out about my game which I devoted 3 years on than through my own self?

I changed my layout to reflect Starsweet, by that, I mean, I changed my icon and nothing else. Maybe added Hector to my preview thing, which then has nothing to do with Starsweet, and actually makes the whole mess extremely mismatched. BUT WHATEVER I’m mostly matching still, because I’m mostly castlevania, and only slightly Starsweet. I don’t know. Whatever. I do what I want. XD

So anyways, now comes the ‘announcement’ part of this message. From here on I’m going to kerplunk Starsweet, into every post I make, art and whatever else I guess. Unless I forget. Because, my art is the number one thing that has made my (mostly unknown) name spread across the internet. I want Starsweet known, so, I’m going to make her get known. nwn


Kupo out : 0








Star Sweet nwn

For the iPad. Future updates will allow Iphone and Ipod support.

I’m so excited!

I hope you like it!


At last! I give you, Starsweet screenshots!

(First one isn’t really a screenshot, lol, but I still made it! XD)

For those of you asking: Yeah it’s a platformer. XD

It will be available for Iphone and Android sometime this year….




Starsweet animated short progress.

Starsweet is an Iphone/Android game that a programmer and I are making. :3

I wanted to to market the game SOMEHOW when it comes out, and I figured the best way to get the word out about is to make a cute/good animation ^.^

Here is my progress so far. I hope you likes ;3;

:33 <33

Fluttershy, Starsweet, and Saiyakupo. :3Soo many errors x.x

Fluttershy, Starsweet, and Saiyakupo. :3

Soo many errors x.x