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At last! I give you, Starsweet screenshots!

(First one isn’t really a screenshot, lol, but I still made it! XD)

For those of you asking: Yeah it’s a platformer. XD

It will be available for Iphone and Android sometime this year….




Starsweet animated short progress.

Starsweet is an Iphone/Android game that a programmer and I are making. :3

I wanted to to market the game SOMEHOW when it comes out, and I figured the best way to get the word out about is to make a cute/good animation ^.^

Here is my progress so far. I hope you likes ;3;

:33 <33

Fluttershy, Starsweet, and Saiyakupo. :3Soo many errors x.x

Fluttershy, Starsweet, and Saiyakupo. :3

Soo many errors x.x