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ziddyandbianca answered: Alucard please! I think you will be great roleplaying as him. =3


Oh thank you! That’s super helpful. I actually think I could pull him off too! :3


solidfalcon said: Uhhh. FAK. I AM OF NO HELP AT ALL I’ll just. Tell you what I did for Minerva and maybe that will help. Over skype. Because this thing can’t hold all the text—


Yes we have MUCH to discuss |3

Check out what I’m remaking. But with acrylic and pencil crayon… |}

Check out what I’m remaking. But with acrylic and pencil crayon… |}

Castlevania RP account?

I really badly want to make a roleplay account for a Castlevania character. But there are so many choices, I don’t know who to be! XD

It is ultimately up to me, but that’s the problem, I dunno wtfudge to do with mahself. XD;

Here’s all the peeps on my mind: Soma, Alucard, Alucard (LOS), Leon, Juste, Hector, Isaac, Julia.

I think that’s it. SO MANY AWESOME PEEPS. What to doooo.

Halp? XD


Square Enix: *will-smith-pose* proudly presents 23984 pages of FFXIV patch notes including but not limited to epic battles, quests, dungeons, shiny gear, and kickin’ mounts.

FFXIV players: “ohmygod first thing i’m doing is getting my hair done



And we’re STILL dancin’!

Well hey! I’m the purple miqo’te dancing near you! Hello there! :D

I was the almost naked Elezen dancing behind you. (He was trying to be next to Nalin’s girlfriend, sorry if he worried you XDDD He likes dressing that way…)
(Then I left before pictures… Sad noises… XD)

Auro Rants


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I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote on Skype, how I would have replied to the comment.
'This Soma is not the actual Castlevania Soma and is only a projection of him through original RPS. But even if he was the ‘actual’ Castlevania Soma, it still makes you look like a butt to come onto a person’s pic to argue about ships. Kindly exit.'

I really love all of Auro’s points. Time and time again we are reminded of the importance of knowing these things. It’s all true and to me it’s common sense. I hope that eventually it will become MORE COMMON. Thank you.

Btw: I am the person RPING ‘my version’ Soma x vampire queen.

Theenkies XD

Fricken yay

Fricken yay